Stunning Trading
The only true way to make money on Forex markets! Forex Aurum is about to blow your mind: as soon as you put it on your charts, it will start calculating the best entry points for you to take the most out of the trades and multiply your account balance! With Forex Aurum you will be able to make the market work for you!
With all the years I spent honing my trading craft, I came to the simple realization that among all the traders at each given moment only about 15% are really getting profit. This may seem untrue, but think about it for a second: how many times you started off strong, got several wins in a row - only to then lose it all in one crushing streak? And that happens more often than you think!

That is the problem that I was trying to solve all these years: how to create a tool that will not only be profitable, but will also be consistent on a long run? And now I am finally ready to present a tool that is capable of it - and more!

Forex Aurum generates Buy/Sell signal when the moment is best. It calculates the most favorable entry points and gives out one signal after another, ensuring that each trade has the highest chance of resulting in profit. When all is said and done, you are left with an amazing win rate and a larger account balance!

Making money on Forex is not a matter of simple luck anymore. Smart algorithms that Forex Aurum is built on are working tirelessly 24/7 for you to never miss out on profit. It turns trading from a risky hobby into a reliable source of income. That is what you are looking for, right?
The Road to El Dorado
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Forex Aurum Advantages
Forex Aurum is the tool which combines high profitability, smart algorithms, most necessary features and modern user-friendly interface.
Implemented Profit Multiplier
The basic Forex Aurum advantages are:
Brilliant Team Behind The Strategy
No Repaint!
100% Automated Trading Supported
Get the most out of each trend movement - Forex Aurum will generate several trades before the wind changes.
The best minds of trading industry poured their experience and knowledge into choosing the basis of Forex Aurum.
The signals of Forex Aurum stay right where you want them - no changes and no unpredictable outcome.
Set it and forget it - that's how we like it! Pair it up with Forex Aurum Manager and let it do all the job!
Forex Aurum Fresh Results
Once you get Forex Aurum you will never go back: this is the tool that keeps bringing profit day in and day out! Just take a look at the results that our members got recently - and you can be one of the lucky ones too!
First Forex Aurum Review
Forex Aurum In Live Action
Forex Aurum gives incredible results - and we have evidence to prove it! Watch this video and see how Forex Aurum is hitting goals in real time!
Forex Aurum Reviews
*Each author has granted us a permission to post the review.
Forex Aurum Trading Results
Actually, I don't think that any words are necessary - just look how many wins in a row Forex Aurum brings to its members!
Incredible winning streaks like these prove once again that Forex Aurum is incomparable! 10/10 winning trades with $7,921.60 total - that is something that you could only dream of before!
Forex Aurum is unstoppable! Don't miss out - this is your chance to finally start winning BIG!
These sweet wins on M15 timeframe could have been yours if you already got Forex Aurum! Don't miss another second - get your own copy and enjoy profits like these: $2,731.00 total!
The trades of Forex Aurum are precise, swift and profitable! These M30 timeframe wins are a prime example of one you can achieve with our tool: $4,849.80 total profit!
Forex Aurum beats the market over and over and over again! Just have a look: it only took it two trend movements and 6 smooth wins to get $2,797.98 total profit on M30 timeframe - it's spectacular!
6 amazing wins and $1,898.28 total profit on M15 timeframe: Forex Aurum is making bank like crazy! Its powerful algorithm knows exactly when to enter trades - and also exactly when to grab profit!
Your One True Forex Tool
Watch this video to find out how you can multiply your balance with Forex Aurum!
Forex Aurum: Real Results
This is simply unprecedented: 7 out of 7 wins on British pound / Australian dollar, M15 timeframe! This is what we have been telling you about all along!
6 wins one after another on Gold / U.S. dollar, M30 timeframe resulted in 720 pips profit! All the other tools on the market can only dream of such numbers - and Forex Aurum gets them easily!
Forex Aurum strikes again: sweet 560 pips in profit on Euro / U.S. dollar, H1 timeframe in 7 amazing consecutive wins!
Big profits are so easy to get with Forex Aurum! These trades on British pound / Japanese yen, H4 timeframe are proving it once again: 800 total profit with 5/5 wins!
Profit Multiplier Will Grow Your Account Overnight!
The way I see it, all successful traders just always keep in mind one most important trading rule: trend is the source of profit. Those who follow major trend movements get big wins - you know it as well as I do.

That is why when we were creating Forex Aurum we made it our main goal to allow our members to get as much from the trend as possible. And so our Profit Multiplier was born.

Profit Multiplier scans the market for a strong direction of the price, and if such situation is detected, it gives out one signal after another in the same direction - till the very last pip is squeezed out of that particular movement.

With Profit Multiplier your trades will be less risky and more controlled, and at the same time your overall profit will be significantly higher - and a trader can't possibly ask for more!
If you caught the trend, you will get every last bit of profit there is to get - we made sure of it.
The user experience is very important: we want our software to be as sophisticated as possible.
We are very proud of our Forex Aurum - our tests show that it has 90% accuracy!
Profit Multiplier
Incredible Interface
Guaranteed Profit
Our Algorithm
Forex Aurum was created by the team of professional traders, software developers and designers to insure the best possible trading experience. You can trust us - we definitely know what we are doing!
Pop-up Alerts with Sound on MT4 Platform
Forex Aurum Notification System
You don't have to sit at your computer and watch the market like a hawk - our built-in alert system will make it impossible for you to miss a trade! Once you hear the alert, just open the trade!
Instant Email
But, I thought you said I didn't have to be at my computer all day? We did, you don't. Instant email notifications you will let you know as soon as an alert is generated!
Push Notifications to Your Mobile Phone
You'll get a push notification when a signal is generated – then just open the MT4 app on your phone and enter the trade with the data that's been given to you! It's as simple as that.
Maximize Your Profit Even More
We know that the most valuable currency in the world is time. We never have enough of it - isn't it true?

That is why we created Forex Aurum Manager. This incredible piece of software will help you use every last bit of powerful Forex Aurum algorithm and its features, all while requiring exactly zero efforts from you!

Spend your time the way you want to - Forex Aurum Manager will do all the tiring tasks. And, most importantly, Forex Aurum Manager will never make a mistake - you can rely on it and let it do what it is good at.
Enter trades with 1 click
When the new signal is generated, Forex Aurum Manager pops on the screen, and all you have to do is click one button to enter the trade!
Exit your trades automatically
As soon as the desired TakeProfit level is reached, Forex Aurum Manager exits the trade automatically. You don't even have to be near your PC!
Multiply your profit
This one is very easy: you multiply your profit when you minimize your losses. When all the processes are automated, you do not make mistakes, and you don't miss your chances to get money!
Two Modes of Forex Aurum Manager
If you decide that you want your Forex Aurum to enter trades with one click and exit them automatically, you should go with a default semi-EA mode.

When a new signal is generated, a trading panel will appear on the screen with all the information regarding the next trade. You just need to choose one option – either "Exit at the TakeProfit1 Level", “Exit at the Opposite Signal” or "Enter with Trailing Stop" – and then click on it. The software will then enter the trade with all the necessary settings, and when the trade is done – it will be closed automatically with profit!
One more option is to use Forex Aurum in the 100% automatic mode. In this case you need to enable AutoMode in the Manager window and after that your smart software will carry out all the trades automatically. No effort from you whatsoever! Zero time spent in front of your PC and much more opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones or doing something you really wanna do. And while you will be out and about, Forex Aurum will manage trades like these for you, just like the smartest personal assistant in the world.

Making money doing almost nothing has never been easier – withForex Aurum and its Manager’s AutoMode you will never have to worry about looking for the source of income ever again!
The average profit on M15 timeframe and a currency pair like EURUSD will be around $300 per trade in about 15 candles.
Thanks to the Profit Multiplier you will be getting these results over and over again, signal after signal following the trend.
M15 timeframe
Profit Multiplier
How Much You Can Make
H4 timeframe is for those who prefer to set it and forget it – the trade takes longer but it can bring you up to $1200!
H4 timeframe
Forex Aurum Manager: Features
Trailing Stop
100% Auto / Semi-EA
3 Exit Options
News Filter
Enter your trades with the Trailing Stop and make sure that your balance never ever decreases!
It is always recommended to avoid trading during news announcements - so we automized it!
TakeProfit, Opposite signal and Trailing stop - choose the option which suits your trading style the most!
Get rid of the hustle of punching in the digits: enter and exit trades with 1 click or on fully auto!
Our tool will take care of your capital - just decide how much you are willing to risk and it will do the rest!
Trading From Your Smartphone? Easy!
If you prefer manual trading, all you need to do is load your Forex Aurum on your MetaTrader 4 platform, connect it to MT4 app on your smartphone by entering your MetaQuotes ID into a specific field (go to “Tools – Options – Notifications” to find it), and then allow push notifications in the Forex Aurum settings - that's it!

After that you will get notifications about all the signals generated by Forex Aurum. Use them to enter and exit trades from phone and watch you account grow!
What can be easier than automatic trading? Just connect your MetaTrader 4 to your MT4 app, load both Forex Aurum and Forex Aurum Manager onto your platform, enable AutoMode in the Manager window and allow it to do all the work!

Not only you will be able to see the signals generated by Forex Aurum, but you will have to do absolutely nothing to earn money - Forex Aurum Manager will enter and exit the trades for you, and you will just watch it hitting your aims in real time!
Signals Notifications
Trades Notifications



Forex Aurum
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
1 Real & 1 Demo Account


Forex AurumA
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
1 Real & 1 Demo Account
Money-back Guarantee
Life-time License
Forex Aurum + Manager
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
2 Real & 1 Demo Account
Entering with 1 Click
Automatic Exit
Multiplying Profit
100% Auto Mode
Money-back Guarantee
Life-time License


Forex Aurum + Manager
Profitable BUY/SELL Signals
Unique Trading Algorithm
Notification System
24/5 support
1 Real & 1 Demo Account
Entering with 1 Click
Automatic Exit
Multiplying Profit
100% Auto Mode


Forex Aurum Packages
How It Works
You will get your own copy of Forex Aurum via instant download.
Install it under 5 minutes and start trading right away - no waiting time!
Follow the BUY/SELL signals and get easy profit with Forex Aurum!
What timeframes?
M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1 timeframes.
All currency pairs as well as metals and indices.
What pairs?
What platform?
MetaTrader 4.
Can I use it on multiple trading accounts?
Yes, your Forex Aurum can be used on 1 real and 1 demo accounts.
Of course! All you need to do is email us the new numbers.
Can I change the account numbers I registered?
Can I upgrade my order to a life-time one later?
Sure! Just email us and we will send you a special link.
Can I trade automatically with Forex Aurum?
Yes - but only if you pair it with Forex Aurum Manager!
How will I get the product after the purchase?
Instant download.
Will it work on VPS?
Yes, it will! The only exception is VPS, which is not compatible with our software.
Our members know the quality of our products and trust us wholeheartedly - we know that. But we want each new member to feel safe and secure with their order!

That's why we made sure that you can try life-time version of Forex Aurum 100% risk-free for 14 days! You can test it, record your results and decide whether it suits you personally!

And if for any reason whatsoever you decide that Forex Aurum is not for you, all you need to do is send us an email - and we will give you your full payment back! No excuses, no delays, no hustle - just the best support in the field!
100% Money-Back Guarantee
If Not Now, Then When?
It is normal for a human to feel scared. What are we scared of? Change? Failure? Whatever your fear is, it is your duty to fight it and take a step forward. Nothing will ever change if you don't become the person who is able of making right decisions.

We made sure that your choice should be as easy as it can possibly be - we offer you a money-back guarantee and our full support on every step of the way. You can see the results Forex Aurum achieves with your own eyes - and you can lay your hands on it in mere minutes! Isn't it a once-in-a-lifetime type of situation?

You've already come this far - don't let your fear and hesitation ruin this opportunity for you. The days in your life are not infinite - you can't afford to lose another one worrying about the future that might not come. Become the man you are proud of today.
Get your Forex Aurum right now.
Forex Aurum: What You Will Get
User Guide
Rapid Support
Powerful Algorithm
1 Real & 1 Demo
Instant Download
Free Updates
IMPORTANT! If you have any problems during the payment process, please contact us!
By purchasing the product, you agree with the Terms and Conditions of use.
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3 in 1 Tool
Profit Multiplier
No Repaint
Unique Strategy
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Delivery rules
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